How to walk the dog with windchill

OMG what was I thinking.  I could hear the wind howling around the bedroom windows, the pool furniture being whirled around the backyard.   So what do I decide to do?  Walk outside.

Have you heard the expression, ‘takes your breath away’?  Well it’s sooo true.

I knew I was in trouble when I could feel the ice cold through my Mountain design fleece jacket, my snow gloves and my favourite purple striped thermal shirt, thermal headband ear warmer, cap and batgirl t-shirt.  I knew that coming back was going to be icy.

 The St Michael’s school sign says 8c I think more like zero, I’ll check that when I get home.Goliath street walk 8c

Goliath was unconcerned walking out and then he turned around to come home.  Well to say he couldn’t get home quick enough is an understatement.

After he’d done his business, in the church lavender garden (lucky god’s forgiving Golly), Golly walked me home.

That dog was power walking.  I’m sure I heard him mutter to himself, “This chick is crazy, what’s she doing walking me in this weather?”

Meanwhile, I’m choking.  The cold wind is rushing in through my throat.  How to breath?? Hmmm.  Tuck your chin in and look down so the wind hits the cap not rushes straight into my mouth? Whoops no, missed that pole. Walk forward and turn my head sideways?  No almost missed that car.  Okay, Okay there must be a better way.  Okay I’ve got it.  Think yoga.  Think yogic breath, think breathing in and out through the nose yes got it!  Phew we’re home.  Step inside the front door and out icy unheated house feels positively snug. 8c my butt.

I have to check this out.  There’s no way it was 8c out there.  Straight to Willy Weather I go add in 17 knot winds.  I knew it!!! 2c way too cold for this spring chicken!  Think I’ll go and thaw out now.  Here’s some tips to keep you warm while you walk.

5 Ways to stay warm while you walk the dog with windchill

  1. Thermal windproof gloves.
  2. Thermal windproof fleece with pockets.  I like my Mountain design fleece. Warm and washes and dries very quick.
  3. Thermal windproof headband and ear warmer.  I know you’re jealous.  How sexy do I look!  Seriously ugly but no wind gets into your ears with that sucker. Mine is a winter cycling one.  Get similar online or from an outdoor shop like macpac.
  4. Felt cap/beanie – keeps warmth in the noggin and hides the headband!
  5. Thermal lightweight long sleeve shirt

Willy Weather tells me it’s going to get up to 15c today.  I’ll believe that when I feel it.

Do you look as sexy as I do when you walk in the wind and the cold?  Send us a pic or tell me how you keep warm when you walk, or is it too hard when it’s too cold?

Stay warm everyone.