Listen, just pick a podcast

Podcasting is how I like to spend my time in the car without the kids on an extended drive.

Yesterday on my 35 minute drive into Rockhampton, Queensland, Darren Rowse was sharing with me 9 ways to accelerate the growth of my blog.  On my drive home Rhonda Britten opened up about how to live a life without fear when you’ve watched your father kill your mother and then himself.  I know right! Full on! But that’s why I love podcasts.  They inspire, teach and grow your brain while you’re captive in the car.

My very first podcast I subscribed to was The Conversation Hour on the ABC with Richard Fidler.  ‘True stories about extraordinary people,’ and there are some truly extraordinary people that he finds. You can find it here.

Three steps to get podcasts on your phone

  1. Get your iphone (android have it too) find the purple podcast app;
  2. Search your area of interest; yoga, mental health, fitness, well being, blogging, photography, cake making, SUPing
  3. Pick your podcast, click subscribe


  1. Get your iphone (or android) go the the app store search podcast apps or go to itunes
  2. Select your app of choice ie podcast one, download it.
  3. Search your area of interest; yoga, mental health, fitness, well being, blogging, photography, cake making, SUPing
  4. Pick your podcast, click subscribe

Now you’re set up to get the regular episode updates.  My phone is set to update podcasts whenever it’s connected to wifi.

So you want to be a writer, Become a problogger and Stay Grounded are my top three listens at the moment. I dip in and out of the other 12 in my library although I have to say there are quite a few I haven’t listened to any episodes of.  Bit like the stack of books on my bedside table!

The 14 podcasts in my podcast library

  1. So you want to be a writer – Australian Writers Centre
  2. Become a problogger – how to build and grow a blog.  Darren Rowse. Australian.
  3. Hot Copy – Secrets of successful copy writers. Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver. Australian
  4. Stay Grounded – interview with inspirational people on happiness, success, fulfilment for a better life. Raj Jana. American
  5. The Sunny Show – Sunny Lenarduzzi.  The bright side of being your own boss and building your own life!
  6. Conversations (ABC Australia) – True stories about extraordinary people.
  7. The psychology podcast – insight into the mind, brain behaviour and creativity.
  8. All in the mind – the mind-brain and behaviour everything from addiction to artificial intelligence
  9. The goop – Gweneth Paltrow and Elise Loehnen talk to leading thinkers, culture changers, and industry disruptors.
  10. Smart passive income – how to make online products and courses while you sleep or do very little. Pat Flynn USA.
  11. The creative penn – all things writing, blogging.  Joanna Penn. UK
  12. Entrepreneurs on fire – entrepreneurs launch and business building stories. John le Dumas USA
  13. Happier with Gretchen Rubin – Happiness expert who has written several books on the topic. USA
  14. TED talks daily – Ideas worth spreading. A bit like the international version of Australia’s conversation hour.

The best part about them is that they are all free.  When I have time to think; like the car, or walking is when I get the most out of them.  I come home buzzing with new ideas to try and things I need to write down and get on to.  Podcasts also have the added bonus of keeping you awake when you drive because you’re wanting to know what comes next, which is great especially if you’re on a really long drive.

Podcasts usually get updated at a regular time, usually weekly or sometimes daily with new episodes. Other podcasters can be a bit more sporadic and they’re the podcasts that often disappear.

Lots of topics, great entertainment and they’re free.  What more could you ask for.

So what are you waiting for go and find your own Darren Rowse and get listening.

Happy podcast listening.


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