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Capri by Fraser Review

You don’t so much see Capri by Fraser as smell it before you get there.  The distinct smell of flowers and essential oils. Having said that this 7+ months pregnant person almost walked straight into oncoming traffic while taking in this hotel on the corner of Mary and Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. The vertical gardens are […]

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Out of my comfort zone with Wild Women on Top

I arrive for my adventure challenge and I’m greeted by Trek training leader Jo Vartanian.  I’m not sure I’m up for the challenge. It’s cold, a little bit wet and that Point looks like a mountain from here. Then I meet the other Wild Women on Top (WWOT) trekking ladies Michele, Christine, Mary, Karen, Barbara and […]

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5 things you might have missed last week #4

Every week there are millions of pieces of new information shared on line and in print, here are 5 things you might have missed last week.   Australia’s skinniest house? Last week in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia a skinny little terrace house, totally unrenovated and 2.85 metres wide (slightly wider than your queen sized bed) sold for $965,000. […]

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Kickin with the kids in Canberra

A quick two-hour trip from Wollongong and we were ready to start kickin it with the kids in Canberra. The purpose of our trip was some quality family time and birthday cake with the sister-in-law. In the meantime we had three days to fill and two kids to keep entertained. Questacon was the suggested first […]

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Long distance driving cut short

What if you could read a book without taking your hands off the steering wheel? or discover the steps to a new career.  All this in the time it takes to drive from Brisbane to Sydney.  Would it change your mind about long distance driving? Our family drives long distances a lot. Whether it’s a 300 or […]

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How to beat the post holiday blues

I don’t know about you but for me when the holiday is over and the car pulls into the driveway I start feeling the post holiday blues.  I’m back to reality, routine and regular old life. You unpack the car and all of sudden the house that you tidied before you left looks like World […]

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Travel review- Diamant Hotel Brisbane $99

It was 46 degrees and we came to a unanimous decision, a non-airconditioned city stay at my sisters (sorry Sarah!) was not an option.  Straight to wotif.com where we found a ‘hot deal’ $99 of air-conditioned glory at Diamant Boutique Hotel, Spring Hill, Brisbane. Service Flawless.  The lovely lady at reception had our booking (I’d […]

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