The reinvention of Downtown LA and the trails

The reinvention of Downtown LA and the trails

Grand Central Market more than 40 food and market stalls in this emporium in downtown LA

Once upon a time, there was a very dull, downtown LA. Hit the Los Angeles business district and heart centre today, and you’ll find small hives of diverse dining and entertaining emerging from the concrete jungle, there’s been a reinvention of downtown and tourists and locals are loving it and the many great trails around.

Eating in downtown LA

Grand Central Market, a stalwart stall, since 1919, is a 30,000 square feet, space where cultures, flavours, textures, and amazing aroma’s sit side by side in a noisy hype brimming with life and mixing eclectic cultures from every walk of life.  Sit down dining, stand up, take away, take home fresh food market there is every option you can think of.  If you want eggs, you could be there for a while the line up for Eggslut, I kid you not that’s what it’s called, went around the corner. 

Press Brothers JuiceryRamen Hood vegan noodles made with sunflower seeds, chile shops, chinese, seafood bars are just a few more of the food options. 

Grand Central Market pride themselves on being a shared gathering place and a dynamic hub for public programming and events. Spend a little time here and you can see how totally this could happen. And it’s not just the entertainment and eateries that are growing.  More people are coming back to downtown to live. 

Living in downtown LA

Rent an apartment here in downtown, and you‘ll get a bigger one and a cheaper one than in the Hollywood suburbs but be careful going out at night, when downtown sleeps your safety could be an issue and the confronting skid row tent cities of the homeless are sobering. It’s like they’ve become icons of the city alongside the traditional LA icons of Federal Courts, Disney Centre, Getty Centre and the Griffith Observatory to name a few. 

Reality in downtown LA

Like any big city the contrast between the extreme wealth and the extreme desperation of humanity is very sobering. As the largest city in Southern California LA’s population is, like Australia’s, 24 million. In the Los Angeles county population 10 million, there are around 50,000 people homeless. That’s half the homeless population of the whole state of California. Staggering. In yet another contrast of LA there is great natural beauty to be found amongst the poverty. 

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