5 things you might have missed last week #11

Every week there are millions of pieces of new information shared on-line and in print, here are 5 things you might have missed last week.

  1. Would you employme? The website tag line says it all.  Make a video. Get a job.  The selfie generation’s way of getting a job and the employers way of buying multiple job seeker profiles in one go.  And while I’d like to say it’s a flash in the pan, so far 20,000 job seekers have used employme.
  2. Where’s your headspace at?  Mine’s on day eight and it seems to be making me calmer. Dubbed ‘your very own personal trainer to help your mind’ this relaxing little mindfulness and meditation app is easy to use. The added bonus? For the first ten days, your ten-minute audio meditation is free.
  3. Girlie glitter sandals from Spain are now in Oz. Palmaira Sandals, started by Aussie sisters-in-laws Jenny and Gem, have brought the Avarca from Menorca straight to Oz.  Wow that’s a mouthful.
  4. Have you just been waiting for the new wave of slippers?  No, I haven’t either but the Mahabis are the new crocs and they’re set to be huge. A slipper for inside wear when you head outdoors just flick on and clip down the detachable soles.  These slip on shoes could just be the next big thing you’ll want to wear when you’re not wearing your Havianas.
  5. Do Blueberries float your boat? Well you should have got your butt to the International Blueberry Organisation Conference in Coffs Harbour this week. Apparently demand for ‘superfruit’ is set to triple Blueberry production in countries like Peru in the next few years.  Let’s hope the same happens for Australian growers.

What are the five things you found interesting, amusing, ridiculous, incredible last week?