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Piss off the pantry moths

  Out of the corner of my eye I see it.  The flutter of tiny wings. I freeze.  My heart starts racing. Bloody pantry moths, they’re back. Kitchen’s, cooking and cleaning drive me batty at the best of times but pantry moths do my head in. A little while ago, Nicole Avery of Planning with […]

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5 things the start of big school will teach you

I knew that big school would teach my kindergarten kid a lot, but I wasn’t prepared for the five things the start of big school would teach me. This year I became the mother of a kindergarten (Qlders read prep) kid at big school and my littlest went back to preschool.  I’ve been describing it as traumatic but as […]

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What are your passions?

What are your passions in life? Late last year I got worried that there was nothing I was passionate about. Sure there was stuff I liked but was that the same? I discussed it with my husband. “I’m passionate about my family but what are the other things that really get me fired up and buzzing? […]

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