5 things you might have missed last week #6

Every week there are millions of pieces of new information shared on line and in print, here are 5 things you might have missed last week.

  1. Wolfpack, a movie/documentary about seven kids raised and home schooled in a New York city apartment they barely left  was on in the Sydney Film Festival and will run again this weekend.  The six Angulo brothers and one sister were kept away from the outside world and some years never left the apartment where they lived with their Peruvian father and American mother.  Their controlling father held the only key to the apartment and the outside lives of his children.  To escape the children turned to movies. The Sydney Film Festival runs until 14 June.
  2. TuShare or not TuShare that is not a question but something that can be done quickly an easily on a website by the same name.  On TuShare you can upload a picture of that hot pink tutu you don’t wear anymore and offer it to someone who will wear it.  Then you can organise to have it sent to its new home for free (if it’s under 10kg).  Why TuShare?  Why not?  It will reduce landfill, help others, help you save money and fulfil your desire to be a ballerina all at the same time.
  3. The Upside of Stress by Kelly McGonigal is a book I came across while watching a Ted talk on the Planning with Kid’s blog.  The book runs along the lines of ‘I do have stress in my life, but it’s there because I’m  challenging myself and trying to improve.’ If you’re a stress head like me this book could be perfect.  Free postage at Booktopia till Wednesday too.
  4. Charlie App is a scary (or handy depending on your side of the employment fence) new app that will go through a whole heap of websites and social media sites and put together a one page profile on the applicant or person you choose to plug in.  Great to get background on the CEO who’s going to interview you, not so great if you’ve got lots of dubious posts in the social networking web wilderness!
  5. Over on Kidspot, you can read about Emma Uhila and her impending fourth set of twin girls that are about to arrive. Oh and she also has a six year old boy. I broke out in a cold sweat just reading about it! Think your parenting day is hectic?  Imagine nine kids under six!


I’m sure there’s more than five things you might have missed last week, I know I did, but these are just a few I found interesting.  What are the five things you found interesting, amusing, ridiculous, incredible last week?