Five reasons NOT to keep fit or….

It’s cold it’s dark and you don’t want to get out of bed and the little voice in your head is saying why bother.  It’s telling you…. Five reasons NOT keep fit in the morning dark

  1. It’s so warm in your bed
  2. You could sleep an hour longer
  3. It’s cold..refer to number one
  4. You could catch a cold
  5. No one will know you were exercising

You can listen to that voice in your head or you can ignore it and listen to the other voice in your head.  It’s telling you…. Five reasons TO keep fit in the morning dark

  1. Your metabolism and mental health will thank you by working better
  2. Your endorphins will be flowing because you got up and moved some muscle
  3. Regular exercise can keep you healthy and besides there’s lots of great purpose designed cold weather exercise gear to keep you warm
  4. You can hide your love handles in the dark of winter morning and by summer sunshine they’ll be gone
  5. The kids are still in bed and you get to have some time to just be you

I try to listen to the second voice, it doesn’t always work but it’s great when it does.  You start your day feeling on top of the world! Which voice will you listen to tomorrow morning?