From coffee crazy to tea calm

Tetley warmth orang

Desert in a cup

My heart is racing, I’m talking too fast, I feel a bit sick and inside my stomach, small missile kicks are assaulting me.

No I’m not nervous, I’m pregnant and I’ve just had two cups of coffee.

One more than my limit and one too many for me to enjoy the benefits of the first cup.

I really enjoy one ‘real’ cup of coffee a day, but any more than that and I’m a slightly edgy, nauseous mess.

To stop myself turning into a blithering, babbling, coffee drinking fiend with an similarly disturbed second child, I find myself drawn to drink. Hot decaf tea drinks and lots of them. Particularly now I’m living Mudgee, NSW and experiencing my first southern winter.

And it seems I have become obsessed with finding my ‘favourite, perfect’ tea.

I already have a basket of teas; Lime blossom, chai, rooboos, lemon and ginger, Liptons regular, T2 Vanilla, lemon murtle, green tea, chamomile and spearmint, Lady Grey. So many teas, I can’t fit them all in.

Not all of the teas I’ve tried make it to ‘favourite’ status.. Some are road tested once and are left at the bottom of the basket to meet with their maker. Others are keepers, like my latest find Tetley warmth, cinnamon and orange. It’s the tea that just keeps giving.

Sweet and spicy, its like desert in a cup. My other close favourites so far are Twinnings Camomile and Spearmint and Twinnings Lemon and Ginger. I’m sure there’ll be others.

I’m hoping that my obsession with tea lasts beyond pregnancy and the cold Mudgee winter, because nausea and a racing heart are not my favourite things.

So I’ll keep looking for my perfect tea, beyond the birth of bump no. 2. In the mean time, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your favourite tea? maybe I can add it to my basket!

BTW: In the interest of full disclosure; no bribes, free supply of product, or harming of animals took place during the testing and reviewing of this product. I just like it a lot and felt I should share the love!

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