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Painting notes to self

Today I decided to paint the toilet during Hugo’s nap time.  That lead to….oh well he’s still asleep I’ll keep going and painting the whole side of the room including doors and frames. It also lead to me encountering a few little painting ‘notes to self.’  In the interest of a good laugh and maybe […]

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5 things the start of big school will teach you

I knew that big school would teach my kindergarten kid a lot, but I wasn’t prepared for the five things the start of big school would teach me. This year I became the mother of a kindergarten (Qlders read prep) kid at big school and my littlest went back to preschool.  I’ve been describing it as traumatic but as […]

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From coffee crazy to tea calm

My heart is racing, I’m talking too fast, I feel a bit sick and inside my stomach, small missile kicks are assaulting me. No I’m not nervous, I’m pregnant and I’ve just had two cups of coffee. One more than my limit and one too many for me to enjoy the benefits of the first […]

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