Painting notes to self

Today I decided to paint the toilet during Hugo’s nap time.  That lead to….oh well he’s still asleep I’ll keep going and painting the whole side of the room including doors and frames. It also lead to me encountering a few little painting ‘notes to self.’ 

In the interest of a good laugh and maybe my painting mishaps helping others, I thought I’d share….

6 tips to make painting easy

  1. Wear a hat you will end up with paint in your hair that the tradies who come knocking on the door will point it out to you.
  2. Roll up the mat on the floor. Your artistic brush strokes will spread the paint far and wide.
  3. Cover the leather couch. Ditto number two. Never fear though it peels off.
  4. Put the baby in the shower with you to get the paint off him. The baby loves painting and looks way cool with a few white graffiti paint splashes artistically over him. 
  5. Drop sheeting and preparing the room is an unnecessary waste of time. The floor needed repainting and the toilet needed new lino anyway.
  6. Wash down ALL walls you MIGHT paint before you start. Bleach, water, cleaning cloths do not mix well with your paint covered hands.

What are your painting tips??

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One Response to Painting notes to self

  1. Greg October 22, 2016 at 6:48 am #

    Ha ha ha ha. You crack me up mate. Good on you for giving it a go, but man, I have to say that is the messiest paint job I have seen. I shouldn’t laugh though, the first time I tried tiling, the bathroom ended up looking like the last photo.

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