Turning 40 and falling apart!

As a girl personal maintenance is never ending.  In order to keep up with mine I had an Mishfit logoappointment to keep.  When I arrived I was I was greeted by light gently filtering through copper chiffon curtains, plush tapestry chairs, current magazines and pleasant conversation…

No I wasn’t at the beauty therapists or a day spa, I was here to have all of my insides checked out and nip and a tuck of some extra bits courtesy of two pregnancies and not enough pelvic floor exercises.greeted by light gently filtering through copper chiffon curtains, plush tapestry chairs, current magazines and pleasant conversation…

Remember the pelvic floor and how when you’re pregnant everyone bangs on and on about it? Remember how many times you heard experts talk about it and how many times you read something about it in a pregnancy magazine? If you’re like me you probably didn’t take as much notice of it as you should.  Next time you hear someone talk about it listen!  They’re not joking!

One expert who I came across while simultaneously facebooking and breastfeeding Maxi Boy was mishfit founder Mish Wright.

After Mish finished having children and became a personal trainer, she realised that the health problems new mums face including her own incontinence, weren’t really addressed in her course.

“When I did some research I realised that more than one third of all new mums experience incontinence and don’t talk about it or know what to do to address it, I wanted to stop that so I started mishfit.” Mish said.

Weak pelvic floor muscles can result in all sorts of complications including prolapses of your inside bits, incontinence and yep you guessed it the roids (aka haemarroids). According to some info Mish shared with me the Continence Foundation of Australia says that 49% of all postnatal women will suffer from prolapse! Pretty scary hey – and a good reason right there to keep your pelvic floor tone in these muscles!)

mishfit provides safe exercise care to pre and post-natal women.  Just now mishfit is only in Victoria but to help you with your pelvic floor you can purchase an active pelvic practice cd at www.mishfit.com.au or hop onto itunes and download it to you ipod, iphone or other devices.

Mish has also kindly donated an active pelvic practice CD which I am giving away to the first person to subscribe to my blog by email after reading this. And let me tell you worrying about your pelvic floor is worth it because if you think the fix up job can’t be that bad you’d be WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!  When I came too from the anaesthetic I thought I was dying.  Ok that’s an exaggeration and it was probably more the colonoscopy than the nip and tuck that made me feel that way but if you can avoid it why wouldn’t you? Lucky me I’ve only got a pap smear and a breast scan left to tick off as I head rapidly towards turning 40 at the end of this year! mishfit ipod mishfit cd